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Heliskiing in the middle of nowhere
alone in one of the world's biggest mountain ranges
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Kyrgyz hospitality
Dive into another world and get to know a new culture
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Nature and Mountains as Far as the Eye Can See
Impressive panoramas and a very diverse landscape
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Tailor Made
This heliskiing week will be customized to your requests


Wilderness and adventure coupled with luxury in the traditional Eastern part of Central Asia. This tailor-made heliskiing package gives you the possibility to stand on some of the most remote summits and gaze out over mountain peaks and uniquely beautiful landscapes. Breathtaking deep powder snow descents are guaranteed!

Enjoy the feeling of elation that will take hold of you when you stand on top of a 4,500-meter high mountain, which has never been climbed before. In this endless-seeming wilderness, dozens – if not hundreds – of remote powder snow slopes are waiting for you to arrive by helicopter. You can make up to eight descents a day! The weather is usually very cold and stable and even thought it might not snow for three weeks, it is always easy to find endless slopes covered with powder snow.

The residence is located in a restored farmhouse near the city of Karakol. Since Kyrgysztan is a post-Soviet country, the infrastructure and hotels usually are of inferior standards. However, this restored farmhouse offers enough space, a cozy atmosphere and modern furnishing. The rooms are big, furnished with kingsize beds and equipped with internet access, mobile reception and multimedia entertainment. On top of that, the accommodation features a home cinema, a lounge with great ambience to relax and recover, and a Swiss outdoor-whirlpool from which you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. And, if you are exhausted from skiing, or just feel like it, there is a possibility to get massages. All in all it is a very comfortable, modern accommodation.

To make your trip even more pleasant and unforgettable, there is a concierge-service available to respond to individual wishes. Also, a private chef is responsible for you daily meals. In order to meet your requirements, we will ask you about specific wishes beforehand. Of course, you can always express your desires during your stay.

Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to a trip like this one. The avalanche situation will be assessed prior to every trip. An expert of the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research will test the snow (snow profile, temperature measurements, etc.) and forecast snow and avalanche conditions. The forecast will continuously be adapted in accordance with the weather conditions.

Our company, Exclusive Adventure, guarantees rapid assistance in case of an emergency. The mountain guides are very well trained and skilled. We know some of the best doctors and physicians of the country in person, what allows for a prioritized treatment. The hospital in Karakol is assisted and supervised by the Swiss Red Cross and a Swiss physician is on site on a regular basis. Furthermore, the local doctors are competent, experienced and well-educated.

Helicopter landing sites are present and emergency measures have been tested. The ambulance jet of the Swiss Air Rescue (REGA) is allowed to land in Karakol. In addition, an extensive emergency equipment is always present. We have created a comprehensive risk assessment and have taken a variety of measures in the event of an emergency.

We will be glad to give you more information concerning our risk assessment and provide further details about our exclusive offers..


On request *) Upon consultation 7 Days Karakol January - March

*) You can find the detailed rates in our Travel Guide



Heliskiing in complete seclusion
Private Chef with meals upon request
Return flights with the helicopter departing in Bishkek
Overnight stays in exklusive hotels
Two skidoos at free disposal
Risk assessment and safety crew


A detailed list will be sent after booking


Good health

Group sizes

4 persons


Risk assessment and safety crew


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Heliskiing costs a lot of money. In order to invest your money wisely, it is important to look into the practices of heliskiing companies, and put their offers to the acid test.

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