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Event management from A to Z
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Exclusive Adventure is specialized in organizing events in the high-end sector. Our wide range of offers – which is far from mainstream – is mainly aimed at the top management of companies. The teambuilding events strengthen the team spirit and climate among colleagues.

Event organization for companies – customized to your requirements!

You expect an event with a quality to the very last detail? You are at the right address!

Our aim is to guarantee that your clients, partners and staff will feel completely at ease. That's why we do everything possible when it comes to reliability, speed, creativity and maximum security. While we ensure the event to run smoothly, we ourselves remain discreetly in the background.

You can take care of your business relations – we do the rest.

What you can expect:

  • Worldwide organization of corporate events, even in special destinations such as Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Russia, Mexico
  • Development of ideas for customer-, staff- and teambuilding events
  • Organization and planning of the event, including finding partners on site, correspondence, conclusions of contracts etc.
  • Organization of accompanying events and supplementary activities
  • Handling of hotel reservations, flight bookings, accommodation Event organization from A to Z
  • Organization of a security concept and monitoring of the security guidelines
  • Post-processing of the event (pictures and videos) and shipment to customers and business partners



We have many years of experience in organizing events for companies of different sizes and from around the world. In order to guarantee the highest level of security, local knowledge and background information, our team consists of qualified and committed employees – from special forces and elite police through experienced mountain guides and tourism experts to leadership experts.

We not only offer an excellent event management, but also have the necessary knowledge to carry out teambuilding events.

Your advantages:

  • A vast experience in organizing events for companies, even with exclusive and unusual offerings
  • Qualified, competent and committed employees
  • State-of-the-art equipment for various activities
  • Broad international network in the travel and safety industry
  • Strategic partnership with global companies



The planning of company events costs a lot of time and nerves. The quality of the event has an influence on how a company is being perceived. With business partners and (future) clients, a perfect event could even be a decisive factor, whether or not a deal is closed. This is why more and more companies decide to be assisted by a professional event management team. Download our eBook now and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and self-organization!





Our clients appreciate the outstanding and personalized service as well as the customized incentives, team events and adventures for special occasions.

It goes without saying that the customer is at the center of our corporate philosophy!

An excerpt of our valued customer list:

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